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Surface Power Fluid Pump

25+ years service life . 90% energy efficiencies . Low Servicing cost . 40 Years Pump Design


Hydra-Cell Seal-less, Surface Power Fluid Pump to API 674 and API 675 standards

Simple, low-cost servicing

  • No special tools required
  • No tight tolerances or packing to set and maintain
  • No dynamic seals

25+ years’ service life with minimal servicing costs

  • Oil change annually
  • Annual liquid end service kit
  • No separate crank or plunger oiling unit

High efficiencies at 90% for significant energy savings.

Flow rate controllable to API675 performance standards to provide ultimate optimisation of Jet Pump production.

Patented diaphragm position control protects the diaphragm under suction vacuum conditions, such as a blocked suction line.

Can dry lift, prime and run dry indefinitely!

Minimum suction pressure of approximately -ve 0.2 barg.

Maximum suction pressure of 34 barg.  



Watch the video to see Hydra-Cell’s seal-less pump technology in action.


Hydra-Cell's seal-less, packing-free design significantly reduces service & maintenance costs