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Optimisation Software

Optimisation Through Simulation . Specialist AL System Design Team . Well Condition Testing . Well Analysing and Monitoring


Optimisation through Software Simulations

The Wanner Pump Analyser™ software enables our Jet Pump Hydraulic Artificial Lift solutions design engineer to create simulations to optimise production based on your specific well conditions.

With multiple combinations for nozzle and throat sizes to suit surface and sub surface conditions, the Wanner Pump Analyser™ enables the selection and recommendation of a solution designed to optimise your oil and gas well production.

Contact our Jet Pump Hydraulic Artificial Lift specialist to request a system simulation to see how you could optimise your production.

  • Multiple nozzle and throat sizes and combinations for accurate simulation selection
  • Well condition testing, analysing and monitoring
  • Ground up review of hydraulic mathematical models for better optimisation
  • Track well performance over time. Easy data collection by attachment of pressure and temperature gauge to Jet pump intake.

Wanner Software Simulation App

  • Simple to use
  • Multiple output of different nozzles/mixing tubes combinations - at the same time
  • Well analysis at multiple productivity index lines

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